How to shop:

The shop is categorised into different groups.  You first click on the category you want to shop and search for the item, choose the item you want to buy and the quantity.  After you choose, click on add the basket button.  Once you are done with picking the items you wish to buy, then you proceed to the shopping basket where you will get the total cost of your items.  Remember, you can remove products from your basket if need be.

Currency choice:

You have a choice of the currencies. If in USA or worldwide you can use $US, if in UK you can use GBP, If in Europe you can use Euro’s or if in Kenya you can use Kshs. Please note the prices don’t change no matter which currency you opt to use. 

Wachuuzi.com service is available to any Kenyan living anywhere in the world.  In order to be able to pay for the items you will need to create an account with us by registering online.   Once you register with us you will be given an account number.  This will help you track your order online.

How do you process the Order?

When you shop we do the following for you at no extra cost; we package, label and enclose the order with the shopping.  We then contact your beneficiary and deliver to their door. 

Is it Safe to use my Card Online?

Yes.  We use Paypal which is one of the safest methods of paying over the Internet.  It offers payment solutions which allow credit/debit/visa payments securely via the Internet.  Its approved by all the major banks, Paypal offers the latest fraud checking software.

We do not store or keep anyone’s bank/card details

How does the recipient know of the Order?

Once you order your goods, you will be asked for the recipients contact (we prefer mobile phones).  We will keep in touch with you by SMS worldwide and also by e-mail; we will keep you informed of the progress until your goods are delivered.  In case you have any queries you could contact us directly by phone our customer service department will be delighted to help.

How is the Order delivered?

We run a courier service throughout Kenya dedicated to this service in all major towns in Kenya.  We deliver within 2 hours of confirmation of payment within Nairobi and Mombasa.  In most cases it takes shorter time. If you require a special delivery service please do contact us and we will try our utmost to see what we could do for you. 

What if the delivery address if unidentifiable?

We will liaise with you and your family who could advice of the easiest means of delivering the goods.  We will of course look at all suitable methods of delivery before we call you. We believe we could help each other where circumstances demand so. 


Do the goods have to be signed for?

Definitely! The contact person or their representative will have to sign for the collection of goods. Will always make sure your goods don’t land in the wrong hands.

If you are shopping for a child going back to school and they have no ID; we might allow them to show their mobile message confirming their order number from you the sender. This will avoid anyone getting hold of your child’s message and resending them message to themselves.  We will require you to inform us in advance if the person collecting the goods is a minor. 

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